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Square ceiling spotlights.

Square ceiling spotlights.
  • Product model:Square ceiling spotlights.
Detailed introduction

Square ceiling spotlights.

The application of the square ceiling spotlights.

Square ceiling lamp can move on the track of its marked characteristics is, you can change the direction of light, it is applicable to the exhibition hall, museum, outdoor, edges and corners of the roof light, the dot effect projection, the museum of art and the office of local lighting, etc., are widely used in shopping mall, bar ambry exhibits at the same time the lights.
There are two kinds of common LED ceiling spotlights in the market: halogen lamps and gold halide lamps.
Halogen lamps are generally 35W or 50W, and the metal halide lamp is usually 70W. These two kinds of lamps are often used in clothing stores, furniture stores and other places where light intensity and color display index is very high.
Usually, a 3-36w LED ceiling light with a single 1W or 1-3w can be used to replace a 35W or 70W gold halide lamp.


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