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Square LED ceiling spotlights.

Square LED ceiling spotlights.
  • Product model:Square LED ceiling spotlights.
Detailed introduction

Square LED ceiling spotlights.
The scope of application of square LED ceiling spotlights:
A, shop Windows, restaurants, restaurants and other interior decorative lighting.
B, exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other local lighting.
C, bar, disco, karaoke and other ambient lighting.
D, waterscape, underground changming lamps and other durable special environmental lighting.
F: clothing accessories brand shop business store department store, hotel office supermarket lighting restaurant eating household lighting showrooms jewelry and school library gas station sports club industrial illumination
Its color temperature is close to natural light, it is very popular in the market at present, it is the best choice that decorates and decorates on all sorts of occasions.
To replace MR16 traditional halogen lamps and other products.

Widely used in: clothing apparel brand business store department stores hotels offices Supermarket food home lighting lighting restaurant Car showrooms jewelry School and library service station sports club industrial illumination, etc.
It is a new kind of lamp which is designed and produced by aluminum alloy and patent structure with high thermal conductivity.
It is mainly used in automobile display, jewelry display, high-end clothing, professional window, counter, public places and other key lighting places, which is an ideal light source to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp.


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