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Energy-saving LED ceiling spotlights.

Energy-saving LED ceiling spotlights.
  • Product model:Energy-saving LED ceiling spotlights.
Detailed introduction

Energy-saving LED ceiling spotlights.
Features of energy-saving LED ceiling spotlights:
1. Energy saving -- compared with ordinary white leds, it consumes a tenth of the energy used by incandescent bulbs and is a quarter of the energy-saving lamps.
2. Life duration -- for ordinary families, led ceiling spotlights are very practical and can reach 100,000 hours.
3. High speed condition -- if the energy-saving lamp is frequently used to turn on or off, it will be easily damaged, and LED ceiling spotlights are not easily damaged in high speed every day.
4. Solid-state packaging -- because of its solid-state packaging, it is convenient for transportation and installation.
Not afraid of vibration, so don't worry about heat dissipation.
5. Technology update -- with the rapid progress of its technology, the luminous rate is making an amazing breakthrough.
6. Environmental protection -- it has no harmful substances, so don't worry about it.
And its light bulb assembly is removable, and can be recycled by other people without being recycled.
7. Conversion efficiency -- the power of LED spotlights is very small, between 1.8w and 4W, generally below 3W, but it has a high luminous efficiency, which has the difficulty to achieve the conversion efficiency of radio and television in ordinary light bulbs.
8. Beautiful -- because of its beautiful appearance, and the color of the light, it is used in jewelry stores, bars and other occasions.


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