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Hotel COB ceiling spotlights.

Hotel COB ceiling spotlights.
  • Product model:Hotel COB ceiling spotlights.
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Hotel COB ceiling spotlights.
In the functional lamps, the hotel COB ceiling spotlights are widely used.

1, spot - because for function lamps and lanterns, "function" always is put in the first, even if the lamp housing has many perfect, the lamplight effect is bad all is unqualified.
The light spot as the light of the light projection on the plane, is the standard line of light quality.
Anti-dazzle - glare is also called "light noise", which refers to unwanted or unwanted interference with the light.
If the quality of light spot is to consider the important index of lamps and lanterns, the design that prevent dazzle is how to reduce the side effect of lamplight effectively.
Three, - show that is short for color rendering index, refers to the LED light emitted from the degree of the object itself color rendering ability, light source for color is called color rendering of the object, is by reference or reference light source with same color temperature (incandescent lamp or light) under the object color appearance is concluded.
4. Light color -- light color is what we call color temperature (related color temperature).
Color temperature is a subjective indicator, not clearly divided between good and bad, mainly to the environment adaptation degree.
If use in the lamps and lanterns in the office area, should use white light, give a person the feeling of refreshing spirit, not use warm light, can make a person feels drowsy, it is the atmosphere that is languid, not suitable for office.
Five, the efficiency - that shoots the light from the light source is sent out to the outside of the lamp, after a lot of reflection and refraction, always bring efficiency loss of light, so how to avoid the efficiency loss as far as possible, is also an important factor of evaluating quality of lamps and lanterns.
Vi. Core -- light source and drive are the core of the lamp, which is the basis of product quality.
The light source and the driving warranty period of the project are generally 3 years, and the maintenance rate of the light is generally more than 80%.
7. Structure -- the structure is related to the heat dissipation effect of the lamp, which directly affects the life of the lamp.
For the luminaire of LED light source, the design scheme of heat dissipation fully embodies the effective heat treatment plan of chip installation, heat conduction, heat dissipation and air convection, ensuring the most stable working state of lamps.
8. Appearance -- this is determined by subjective factors and is the same as color temperature.


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