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Corridor LED lamp

Corridor LED lamp
  • Product model:Corridor LED lamp
Detailed introduction

The corridor is equipped with LED lamp.

The corridor is equipped with LED lamp.
LED light in the corridor is also called LED light.
Adopt high quality led light source, pure spectrum, rich color, environmental protection and energy saving.
Aluminum alloy shell, light and simple, beautiful and generous;
High power transformer, with the perfect combination of lamps and lanterns, more outstanding its elegant characteristics.
Corridor with the LED tube light is used is a kind of guide rail type, LED to shoot the light, specially used in senior clothing stores, shopping malls, part of the jewelry store, consistent with the common orbital metal halide lamp, named because its luminous principle is LED, because the LED is very save electricity, so now is widely used to replace the metal halide lamp.
Its advantages are as follows:
One, save electricity, can save more than 70%;
2. Less heat and less damage to the irradiation;
3. Price is consistent with the price of ordinary brand gold halide lamp, with price advantage.

The corridor is equipped with LED lamp characteristics.
1. Unique patented radiator (temperature less than 50 degrees)
2. The light source is used by aidison, with the brightness of 1W or 3W, 1W brightness :110lm/W, and the working current of the lamp bead is 350mA.
3. Optional lens: 15/25/45/90 degree lens optional.
4. Main material: high pressure die casting aluminum, excellent heat dissipation performance, IP65 waterproof.
5. Projection distance: 3-4m.
6. Built-in switch power supply, wide power input range: 90-250vac, also can be directly reduced to low pressure 12V,24V,36V.
7. Constant current drive, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours.
8, can be red, green, blue, yellow, white monochromatic light, discus throw light, also can use DMX512 control and online automatic color change function, since the gray level 255 and tens of thousands of kinds of colour change, it can realize I paint the walls, water, chase, scan effect


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