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LED tube lamp manufacturer GuangYan lighting.

post date:2018-01-26

LED tube lamp manufacturer light banquet lighting analysis LED landscape lighting advantages.
LED downlight manufacturers think banquet lighting, light from the prospects for development, at present the LED industry the most concern is the LED downlight etc lighting applications, because the LED has high photosynthetic efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, long life and other characteristics, so the application in building lighting is more popular.
LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, landscape art must be through the light and color to reflect the vitality of the scenic spot, with the constant improvement of the people thought consciousness, visual enjoyment and to meet the requirements of light, color, light will also subsequently and change, in the choice of appropriate light source at the same time consider the unity of light source and the natural environment, landscape lighting was use LED light source is to break from the traditional way.
1. Shell: adopt high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy shell.
2. The mask color is optional: white and silver.
3, working environment temperature: - 10 ° ~ 40 °
4. Triac dimming power supply can adjust D6002 and D9002 to realize the brightness 10% to 100%.
5. No glare, no strobe.
6. The dimming power supply is suitable for the rear dimmer.
7. This product can be widely used in office space, shopping center, hotel, school, hospital, airport, commercial and home lighting, etc.
8. Packing information: "d9002-a2m outer box size: 595*310*192cm, 16pcs/ CTN, gross weight: 12KG/ CTN."
9. Warranty period: 36 months.
10. Note:
1) the ceiling thickness shall be 5-25mm.
2) the lamp shall not be covered after installation, and there should be some space around it for heat dissipation.

Installation instructions:
Turn off the power switch.
2. Open a suitable mounting hole in the ceiling according to the opening size of the lamp label.
3. The lamps and lanterns of LED driver input end connected to the mains (220 v to 240 v) (need the silicon controlled dimmer function that move light panel concatenated concrete methods of connection in the input line L see wiring diagram), and confirm the connection is correct and reliable.
4. Place the LED drive on the ceiling.
5. Install the spring on both sides of the lamp (as shown in the picture), push the lamp body into the mounting hole (as shown in the figure) to ensure the installation of the lamp is secure.
6. Turn on the power switch after checking without error, and can be used.

LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, LED tube lights and other lighting products with its excellent color expressive force, easy to change the light color and strong control ability, small volume, easy to hide and long life, energy saving, stable characteristics, is widely applied to landscape lighting market, quickly LED lighting market rapid growth, and promote the landscape lighting as the LED tube light manufacturer appropriate beauty electronic thinks, LED lighting applications market share the biggest branch.
LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, green environmental protection as the most eye-catching topic, in all aspects of the green environmental protection requirements gradually improve today, landscape lighting should also be pulled to the back of The Times, the LED light source as a green light source to replace traditional light source will be the trend of The Times.
People use light to express the art form of the scenic spot at night, and traditional lighting can not be recycled and used to cause serious environmental pollution, which is an advantage for LED landscape lighting.
LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, the unique needs of landscape lighting, the lighting is very tall to the requirement of lighting, it is the opportunity and challenge for LED lighting, the local environment of the scenic spot is different, the relatively light source requirements are different, with the seasons change, the light source can adapt to the improvement of the capacity of the environment, temperature, sunlight, wind and rain, and a series of natural factors on the LED light source is also a kind of test.
LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, realize the dynamic changes of illumination, the traditional static effect if into the landscape lighting, lighting then hindered the perfect interpretation of "beauty", and the LED light source advantage is easy to change color light and easy to control if used for landscape lighting, this advantage will be dripping wet is delicate.
The night scene of the scenic spot wants to have vitality and angry, so dynamic light and color are the important factor that influence this effect.

LED lamp manufacturer light banquet lighting, the advantages of LED light source than traditional light source is obvious to all.
Speaking of which, we concern is coming, the high cost of LED light source of high price factor for traditional light source provides a very large market, however, LED the advantage to make up for the regret of longevity, imagine the traditional light source in the user, not for a long time will need to be replaced, and longevity and LED light source advantage here is particularly prominent.
LED downlight manufacturers think light meal lighting, compared with the traditional lighting light source, LED undoubtedly has a more prominent advantages, especially in the field of outdoor landscape lighting, LED by the long life, easy maintenance, waterproof and efficient features will be more suitable for its development, so the future market will occupy a larger landscape lighting, LED development prospects are unpredictable.

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