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Main performance indicators of LED tube lamps.

post date:2018-01-26

LED downlight is refers to the smallpox of LED as light source to shoot the light, it is typically not advocate the lamp, wuding scale modern genre of lighting, can be placed near the ceiling or furniture, also may be placed on a wall, dado or play crural line, can build the level of the rich and colorful visual effects.

From a long-term point of view, the LED downlight will be the first to replace traditional lighting a new generation of lighting lamps and lanterns, it not only energy conservation and environmental protection, and long service life, high light efficiency, in the future it will quickly into the field of general lighting and trigger a new change.

LED performance index is the core part of LED tube light, only to understand the performance index can deep understanding of the LED tube light, can be handy for future product development and sales, is also to enter the LED industry must understand something.
The performance index of LED lamp is mainly discussed below.

1. Reverse voltage VRm of LED lamp: the maximum reverse voltage allowed.
In excess of this value, the LED lamp may be punctured and damaged.

2. LED tube lamp voltage: we usually say is the forward voltage of LED ceiling lamp, that is the positive power of the LED anode, cathode anode. Connect power voltage has relationship with color, red, yellow, yellow green voltage is between 1.8 2.4 v.
The voltage of white, blue and green is between 3.0-3.6v, and there may be some differences in the voltage of the same LED, depending on the manufacturer's offer. When the outside temperature rises, VF will decrease.

3. The LED tube light, color temperature: in absolute temperature (K), is a standard blackbody, heating temperature to a certain degree of color started by scarlet - pale red - orange - white - blue, gradual change, the color photograph of a light source and blackbody at the same time, we will blackbody absolute temperature at the time called the color temperature of the light source.

4. LED tube light, color: the color of the LED is an indicator of a very important, is each LED downlight product must be marked, the LED colors are red, green, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white, amber color, such as when we design and order the parameter is never forget, (especially beginners). Because of different colors, the relevant parameters have great changes.

5. Current of LED tube lamp: LED's positive limit (IF) current is more than 20MA, and LED's light failure current cannot be greater than IF/3, about 15MA and 18MA..
The luminescence intensity of the LED is only proportional to the IF in a certain range, and the brightness enhancement cannot be separated from the inner eye when IF>20MA. Therefore, the working current of the LED is generally considered reasonable around 17-19ma.

Today, light banquet lighting mainly explains some performance indicators of LED lamp from five aspects, and more aspects need to be learned and discovered by ourselves.

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