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LED cylinder lamp manufacturers professional support for installation precautions.

post date:2018-01-26

Installation instructions for professional support of LED lamp manufacturers:
After opening the LED lamp, the product should be checked immediately.
In case of any failure caused by the non-human being or the requirements specified in the specification, the retailer may refund the retailer or return it directly to the manufacturer for replacement.
Cut off the power before installation, make sure the switch is in a closed state, prevent electric shock and light, and do not touch the surface of the lamp.
This lamp should avoid installation in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas place, so as not to affect the life.
Please confirm the power supply according to the number of installation before use.
This product is only for indoor use. Please make sure that the installation position can withstand up to 10 times the weight of the product when outdoors.
The lamp cup with high voltage (110V/220V) is not suitable for working in frequent power failure, which may affect its life span.
5. Installed in a flat place without vibration, no swing, no fire hazard, and avoid falling in height, collision of hard objects and percussion.
If long term deactivated, LED tube lamp manufacturers recommend that consumers should store in a cool, dry and clean environment, and forbid to store and use in humid, high temperature or flammable and explosive places.

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