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LED tube lamp manufacturers talk about the applicability of the tube lamp.

post date:2018-01-26

Manufacturers of LED tube lamps talk about the applicability of tube lamps to various places:
In recent years, more and more offices and even households have used LED lamp lighting.
Because the applicability of LED lamp to indoor lighting is more and more widely known, it is more and more popular.
LED tube lamp has some other luminaries that can not match or even other LED lamps can not match the indoor lighting applicability.
LED tube lamp does not occupy indoor space, install LED tube lamp indoors, because of the concealed secret of lamps and lanterns, do not use the feeling that produces oppression, the effect that produces warmth is opposite.
Therefore, the home decoration can choose to install many lamps, alleviate the space pressure feeling.
In general, the use of LED lamps in hotels, homes, cafes and shopping malls is more.
Tube lamps are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting.
LED tube lamp inherits all the advantages of traditional tube lamp, it has small heat, long life and minimal maintenance cost.
Because of the high cost of LED lamp beads, the overall cost is not accepted by customers.
With the decrease of the price of LED lamp chip and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, it has laid a solid foundation for the entry of LED lamp into the commercial field.
Conclusion: LED tube light manufacturer, why the LED downlight so widely application places, this depends on as indoor lighting, do not take up space this characteristic, was enough to make a lot of family decorates household lighting to foot the bill.

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