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Teach you how to skillfully install LED track spotlights?

post date:2018-01-26

Teach you how to skillfully install LED track spotlights.
Nowadays, many people don't know much about LED light, mainly because many families don't use it at home when decorating, but they will see it in the mall or in the shop.
So what is the size of the LED track and its installation process?

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The light source used in LED track light is generally divided into two kinds: the lamp cup of MR16 and the lamp bead of G4.
No matter what the light is, as long as the light bulb with the light bulb is 12V needs to be configured.
LED track lamp without installation may not know, it should be installed in the orbit above, matching the track contains voltage input, on both sides of the rail internal containing conductive metal strips, and track light a joint rotatable conductive copper, the installation, the track light above conductive copper contact to track within the conductive metal strip, can realize the track light electricity, light rail lamps.
1. Installation of LED track lamps.
1. Turn off the total power supply, please ensure that the power supply is closed and safe operation.
2. Check the wiring and track, confirm that the installation of the lamps and lanterns has been installed, if not installed, first install the track in the place.
3. Due to the long term weight of the installed lamps, attention should be paid to the strength and compactness of the track.
4. When the track is installed, the conductive head shall be loaded at the end of the rail terminal.
5. Load the connection into the rail connection head, and pay attention to tighten the tightening screw.
2. Put the LED track lamp into the right place of the track, and pay attention to the matching of the LED track with the connection of the lamp, and the three-loop track with the three-loop feeder/single-loop track and single loop feeder.
There is a certain direction in the configuration of the rail and the feeder: there are grooves in the three-loop track, and there are convex blocks on the corresponding feeder, and the joint of the two is noticed when installing.
3. After installing the lamps and lanterns, adjust the level and vertical Angle of the lamps and lanterns according to the position of the projection target, so as to ensure that the lamps and lanterns can project the illuminated objects fully and effectively.

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