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What is the difference between LED track and sky lanterns?

post date:2018-01-26

Is there a difference between the LED orbital spotlights and the sky lanterns?
The difference and common ground between the lantern and the LED track spotlights:
Common ground: all are LED lamps and lanterns, the shell is aluminium material structure, can adjust the Angle of light, shine on the exhibits.
1. The difference is: 1. The shape design of the two is different, the track lamp is usually cylindrical, the installation is exposed, and the ceiling lamp is usually installed in the embedded system.
2. The range of irradiation is different. In general, the track light has a sliding track, which can be moved within a certain range. The ceiling lamp is embedded and the flexibility is lower than the track light.
3, lamp holder of the rotating Angle is different. In general ceiling lamp can adjust Angle to a plane, generally between longitudinal are plus or minus 45 ° Angle range. Track lamp can adjust the Angle, and then two plane generally transverse 360 °, 180 ° vertically.
Ceiling and track shoot the lamp to each have their own characteristics, the ceiling is suitable for the local lighting of fixed position, the light rail is suitable for mobile location of local lighting, so for the store to use track light because the shop need to constantly adjust the exhibits to cater to consumer demand, but also the flexibility of track light is greater than the ceiling. The right to have the correct use of lamps and lanterns, good decorate is a variety of lamps and lanterns collocation to adjust the light effect, not ordinary DIY take it for granted.
Conclusion: the biggest difference between LED and LED light bulbs is that they have different USES and different features, but they have one thing in common. They are LED lamps.

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