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The development status of LED lamp.

post date:2018-01-26

The development status of LED lamp.

The application of LED lamp is more and more widespread, and all kinds of cheap LED lamps are filled with street, and the quality instability breaks people's expectation of the new pet.
Due to the lack of the LED industry standard, consumers can not complain about the low quality manufacturers, and the future development of LED lamp is covered with a thick shadow.
Since China's national development and reform commission issued the "China to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap", roadmap from October 1, 2012, ban on imports and sales of 100 mw and above general lighting incandescent lamp, and from October 1, 2016, is expected to ban the import and sales of more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp, which means that the general lighting incandescent lamp to phase out has settled in China.
With the gradual disappearance of the incandescent lamp, LED lights have emerged as an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly force and are well known.
In view of the rising price of fluorescent powder, the cost of ordinary energy-saving lamps keeps rising. As a new and expensive LED lamp of lighting lamps, it is gradually entering the public's view.
Since the birth of LED light, its brightness has been continuously improved, gradually from LED indicator light into LED lighting field.
The LED lamp is slowly changing from the high-end lighting to the new favorite of the application market.

Tube lamps are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting.
LED tube lamp inherits all the advantages of traditional tube lamp, it has small heat, long life and minimal maintenance cost.
Because of the high cost of LED lamp beads, the overall cost is not accepted by customers.
With the decrease of the price of LED lamp chip and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, it has laid a solid foundation for the entry of LED lamp into the commercial field.

LED lamp is composed of LED lamp bead, tube lamp housing and power supply.
For tube light lamp bead, appropriate USES 1 w high-power lamp bead, such as single lamp bead, unfavorable use small power lamp bead, such as 5050563, the reason is that small power LED lamp bead light is bright but not enough light intensity, and LED tube light irradiation vertical distance is usually 4 to 5 meters, because of the small power light intensity is not enough so that the ground light intensity is not enough, and high power lights, especially integrated light source the light intensity of became larger LED tube lamp manufacturers in the first place.
Widely used at present is 1 w high-power lights, such as single star lights, make a canister light 1 w, 3 w, 5 w, 7 w, 9 w, etc., the biggest can generally make it 25 w, if adopted high-power integrated solutions can also do a higher power.
There are three main parts to determine the life of the tube lamp: LED lamp bead, LED cooling "shell design", LED power supply.
LED lamp bead manufacturer determines the main life LED tube light, the current overseas high-quality CREE chip manufacturers have the United States, Japan, and the mineralization (Nichia), cost-effective crystal electricity with Taiwan manufacturers (referring to buy crystal electricity in China to encapsulate the LED chip products, more than in a factory or on both sides of the assembly house mainly made in China), light, etc., the mainland factory three Ann photoelectric, reflected the auspicious light electricity, etc.
Generally speaking, high-quality LED lamp manufacturers will adopt the LED chips of foreign investors such as Cree, at least one of the recognized high stability products in the market.
Such a light natural high brightness, long life, but the price is expensive, adopt Taiwan manufacturers of chip has long service life, but the price is relatively low, basic can accepted by the local Chinese market customers.
China's domestic market chip life is short, the light is bigger, but the price is the first choice for a large number of small manufacturers.
What kind of LED lamp bead and LED chip are used, it also directly determines the positioning of the LED lamp manufacturer and the social responsibility in the industry.
LED power is the heart of LED lamp, which has great influence on the life of LED lamp.
Generally speaking, the LED lamp is 110-220v power supply, and the domestic market is 220V power supply.
Due to the LED development time is shorter, countries are not standard for its power, so the LED power supply on the market is uneven, ring like, a large number of low values of PF, simply can't through the power of the EMC, flooding the market.
Power the life of the electrolytic capacitor is also directly determines the power of life, because of the price sensitive, try to reduce the cost of power supply, LED LED power switching power is low, service life is not long for the LED tube light changed from "longevity lamp" to the "lights" short-lived.

The heat dissipation design of LED lamp is also important for its life span. The LED heat is transmitted to the internal PCB by the lamp bead and then exported to the shell, and then the shell is transmitted to the air by convection or conduction.
PCB heat fast, thermal conductive silicone heat dissipation performance is good, the shell of the cooling area is enough big, the reasonable design of several factors determine the leds work normally when the p-n junction temperature not higher than 70 degrees, to guarantee the normal work of the LED chip in the temperature and won't produce light failure because the temperature is too high too fast.

As LED tube lamp technology development changes with each passing day, much of it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to gradually realize the importance of quality, only the fine quality products to impress customers replace traditional light source and solve the trouble back at home.

Shenzhen light meal lighting co., LTD. Think, LED canister light quality determines the future development of tube light, to effectively remove the development shackles of LED tube light, must be in quality fluctuation ruan, truly efficient lighting, long life 5 w hours, really with high quality impeccable products lit LED tube light, in the future.
In addition to the quality assurance, the industrial design improvement on the appearance of LED tube lamps must also be on the agenda.

LED tube light, commissioner of the future development in addition to strictly to good quality, because the advantage of LED solid-state lighting itself, relative to traditional lighting have more better ideas can choose appearance, must break the traditional model of thinking, really LED downlight as before, people do all in its use.
It can be widely used in the field of equipment lighting such as mechanical equipment.

The application of LED lamp is more and more widespread, and all kinds of cheap LED lamps are filled with street, and the quality instability breaks people's expectation of the new pet.
Due to the lack of the LED industry standard, consumers can not complain about the low quality manufacturers, and the future development of LED lamp is covered with a thick shadow.
Is it in the market's pessimism or in the pressure of survival?
Time will give us the answer, which is earned by a large number of responsible manufacturers.
The introduction of the new standard will help the development of our LED lamp, and also for the large number of LED manufacturers, do not destroy the overall situation of LED lamp development for the sake of small profits.
The future of the LED lamp is bright but we must aim high, and the spring will come more quickly after the pain.

Light meal lighting is located in China lighting capital - guzhen town, zhongshan city, guangdong province, the company was founded in 2010, is a focus on high-end LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the LED track lamp, LED lamp, LED downlight manufacturers research and development and production of high-tech enterprises.
Lighting banquet lighting has the most advanced complete testing equipment in the industry, strictly implementing the global quality control standard ISO9001 system.
Ensure the quality of our LED products are in industry-leading level, and are widely used in various office buildings, shopping malls and other fields.
Light meal lighting focus on LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the innovation of technology research and development and product quality monitoring, the quality of the product are authority through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the European Union CE, SASO, ROHS certification and other international certification.
Quality assurance, confidence assurance!

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