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The difference between LED and wash - wall lamps.

post date:2018-01-26

The characteristics and differences of LED wall lamp and LED spotlights.

LED wash wall lamp is mainly used to illuminate the walls, he points high power LED wash wall lamp and small power LED wash wall lamp, high power LED wash wall lamp can illuminate 5-10 meters or so, he is concentrated, so relatively far distance, small power LED wash wall lamp is SMD LED wash wall lamp, he is astigmatism, irradiation distance within 1.5 meters, the best effect, uniform light, so light small distance effect is very good, they can have their own effect respectively.

LED lamp also can illuminate wall, because the lamp is wide, the definition of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns has LED to shoot the light, indoor lamps and lanterns has LED to shoot the light, outdoor use is waterproof, indoor use is not waterproof, place is not the same as the name can be used in general.
LED lamp and LED wash wall lamp actually they also have the same place, are illuminate the wall, to the outdoor lighting project to play an ornament role.
Even LED lights are called LED lights, and they don't have a specific definition of what kind of product they are.

No special standard name LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, everyone's understanding of lighting lamps and lanterns, don't need to pursue its own name, is that you are used to illuminate what position, what role.
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